Write in 150-200 words, on these:
  • What we enjoyed most when working on this task?
  • What were some challenges we faced? (This could be difficulties faced during the trail/visit; you could also talk about the group working dynamics of the group or any encounters)
  • Describe ONE area that you think your group could do better if given an opportunity to do again.
Chong Guang Jun:
what I enjoyed most was to be able to create a blog for my team members to post their findings. Also, it was enjoyable to challenge myself to create a blog, which would fit the theme of the project. That day, I woke up very upset. I woke up at 10am, late, very late. I checked the Google Site, panicking after finding out that I was to meet my team members of IH at Clarke Quay at 9am, which was one hour ago. That made me panic. I didn't know what to do, and tried to find some way to help my team members without being there in person, since they had already waited for me for so long, and I did not know how to get to Clarke Quay. I started to calm down, a little nervous nevertheless. I tried to solve all of the computer stuff needed for the task, which was a simple thing, a blog. Another challenge then came. I was unable to get their emails they preferred using for this blog. Only quite awhile later did I manage to get the emails from Joshua Loh. Since I overslept, I would want to wake up earlier and be prepared for the task ahead for that day, to complete the task properly and equally, since I definitely had done lesser than my team members.

Cheng Zhi Chao:

What I enjoyed most was when we visited the Asian Civilisations Museum. It let me learn more about my roots, and mostly about Southeast Asia and the rich and colourful culture. I learnt about their history from the relics, like their jewelry, their clothing, their tools. It helped us to decipher how they lived, dressed, and even how they entertained themselves by the musical instruments they possessed. A challenge we encountered was the lack of time and preparation on the day we were told to go out and do the field work. I woke up 8 a.m. in the morning and they had only informed us that very day we had to do field work at 9 a.m. Furthermore, there was other work to be done from 8 to 9. I had to check the maps, and make notes and preparations in a rush. So one area we could improve on was basically better communication, because that morning we couldn't contact one of our teammates, when in fact he had been sleeping. We tried to call him, facebook message, etc. but it did not work. So I think our group should have been more prepared then.

Loh Ching Wei, Joshua:
I enjoyed the entire process of going out to collect data, then organising it and such. Challenges we faced were how to find the information on certain artifacts and civilisations in the museum as they did not provide some information that we needed. We had some communication problems as we were unable to contact one of our group members at first so only 3 of us managed to go outside. We also had a miscommunication at the start as we were not fully prepared yet for the trip. If we are given an opportunity to do it again, all the group members must try their best to keep communication channels open in case of emergencies or changes etc. We should try our best to remember to inform the people who need to know about any changes etc. One other thing I think needs to be improved is the organisation of the information on the googlesite. I feel it is not very user-friendly as the information is scattered all over the place and there were too many different types of titles and bullets that I do not know which is a sub-category of which.

Luke Tay:
What I enjoyed about doing this task was just going out on adventure with my friends and, even thought we were working, having fun along the way.
I also enjoyed having all that time to hang out with my friends and get to know them better.
We faced many, MANY chalenges. (most of them my fault actually) First, we had a communication problem which made Joshua Loh wait in the MRT station for 20 minutes.
Secondly, we were ill prepared as I rushing of to get to Joshua, had not brought anything of value. However, Zhi Chao, being awesomely industrious, had brought all the material we needed and helped Joshua get up to speed.
The last, most terrible, blunder we made was my fault entirely. After getting the photo to upload on the blog, I deleted it, and then I came back to a blog page that said error. So in later days I went back and did the entire thing again.
The thing we could most work on would be communication. However, I think we made a pretty good group and could do much beter at everything