Artifacts of Southeast Asia

Oil lamp in the form of a kneeling figure

- Originated from the 2nd Century BCE to the 2nd Century CE
- From the Dong Son culture of North Vietnam

Development of Lighting and lamps in chronological order:

Oil lamps, Gas lighting, Electric Arc lamps, Electric Incandescent lamps, Lightbulbs, Street lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Halogen lights
Crystal seals
- Originated between the 7th to 13th centuries AD
- From the Ta Kev region in Cambodia
- Worn as amulets

There is very little development in this aspect(which can be considered as jewelry). However, modern day people do not wear jewels as amulets but more for aesthetics.

Yao garments

- Originated around Mid-20th century
- From Northern Thailand
- Clothing embroidery is an essential part of of the Yao cultural identity

Clothing have evolved a lot since the ancient times. Few people nowadays would wear clothing for cultural identification; they wear clothes that suit their own preferences instead, clothes that they think look nice or comfortable in their climate, or to other people.